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10 Staging Tips to Help You Sell Quicker

According to Forbes, "a staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home, and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. That is statistically 87% faster than non-staged homes.” Buyers aren't just looking to buy a home, they're buying a vision and a dream. A well staged home plays a key role in the sale of a property as it gives buyers a visual potential of the space they're looking to own. At MGE Design Studio we are in tune with current design trends and we typically use modern contemporary design styles to display your property's full potential. We've compiled these 10 staging tips to help you sell quicker.

1. Curb Appeal

First impression matters when it comes to selling a home, so get potential buyers hooked from the very beginning with area beautification. Improve your curb appeal by making sure the property's best outdoor features are highlighted. Power wash the outside to get rid of dirt, mud, and discoloration over time, reseed the lawn in scanty areas and add sods as needed, add blooming, colorful flowers and outdoor greenery in plant beds or plant pots, make sure address numbers are legible on mailbox and building, repair and repaint as needed, clean windows, trim bushes, and more outdoor updates to improve the property's curb appeal.

2. Put Away Clutter

Potential buyers often seek out these key features in homes: layout, storage space, open floorplan, natural light, and modern kitchen/appliances. Items that create clutter or make the spaces look cluttered should be put away and out of sight. Items such as shoe/coat racks in the entry ways, excessive kitchen gadgets all over the countertops, unorganized bookshelves with random trinkets, etc. items that can be deemed unsightly to the potential buyer, which takes away from the true potential of the home.

3. Rearrange Furniture

When making a place your home, there are several factors that are subjective to one's own preferences. Where you place the TV, the couch, the chairs, etc. is personal and in accordance with your household and lifestyle. When it comes to staging, the idea is to display the right amount of furniture in a way that gives the space its fullest potential. This may involve rearrange your furniture and even getting rid of some that make the space look cluttered and packed.

4. Neutral Decors and Accessories

Sure, you love that bright neon colored accent wall in the dining room, but that's a very personal taste which can easily deter good potential buyers. Creating neutrality allows the potential buyer to easier envision their own taste in the space. Remove any curtains and replace with modern window treatments like blinds. If possible, remove specific niche decors and update with neutral decors items that are impersonal. Neutrality in the spaces allow the viewer to place themselves in it rather than focusing on aspects that add to the list of what deters them from the property.

5. Focus on the Main Areas

The main areas are typically kitchen/dining, living area, and master bedroom/bathroom. Owners with a lounge, loft, or finished basement should also feature these areas especially if designated for entertainment or guest accommodations. Update the kitchen counters and cabinets, dress the dining table elegantly and stylishly, minimalize clutter in the living area by rearranging furniture and removing unnecessary pieces, clear up the master bedroom from cluttering personal items, hide away TV and other device cords, display the bedroom in a gender neutral manner, remove random bedside photo frames and items laying around, update the master bathroom with modern elements including hardware and mirrors, and ensure all areas are kept clean.

6. Display Only Pristine Personal Items

Things like half-used bar soaps melting in soap dishes, old towels hanging in the bathroom, toothbrushes laying out, medicine bottles laying on countertops, personal beauty items scattered throughout the drawers, and the like are quite unsightly to the buyer. This also includes burnt kitchen rags, stained/torn rugs, and other small discrepancies that buyers may focus on and maximize. Displaying certain accessories is helpful to improve the look of the space and give it a specific intended vibe such as clean, new, top quality towels and robes. Empty garbage cans or remove them altogether, even if just for the showing.

7. Leave Note About Specific Features

Many times the potential buyer focuses on the layout and cosmetics, but your property may have certain items that seal the deal for many buyers. Upgraded and modern features are great selling points, especially smart house features like remote controlled thermostat, lights, and security system. Notes to otherwise missed areas such as hidden doors, lounge areas, and more should also be placed around the property to direct viewers to take special notice to them.

8. Get Rid of Pet (and Other) Odors

Pet and other types of odors are an immediate turn-off because many buyers began imagining the issues they're going to face getting rid of them. Cigarette smoke odor is also another that immediately turns buyers away as these smells often take costly measures to completely rid of. If you don't have any pets, you're all clear; however, if you have pets, it is imperative to get the carpets professionally cleaned and refreshed. Similarly, cigarette smokers who smoke indoors may want to look into treating their indoor spaces against the exposure, especially walls and carpets.

9. Dress the Space(s) to Reflect a Specific Vibe

Selling a home isn't just selling an empty shell, it is selling a dream to a buyer and that's why it's important to display the potential of each space with a relevant vibe. Is it an open kitchen with breakfast nook that's great for the family to gather at? Is it a dining room with a mini bar for entertaining and drinks? Whatever the space is ideally used for, create a vibe that displays it well. The goal is get the buyers to envision themselves in that space, accomplishing its intended purpose.

10. Maximize the Light in Each Room

Natural light is always a big sell, big open windows are a desired feature for many homes. If you have big open windows it is imperative to use them to the picture's advantage. Open up the blinds to let the light in, replace the light bulbs accordingly, or contact a professional to come up with a lighting plan for you space, which involves the rewiring of light placements to reflect what works best as opposed to the generic build.

We at MGE Design Studio specialize in home staging - vacant and currently occupied properties. We visit the property to physically assess it against its preparation to be listed for sale. We go over staging suggestions with the seller and come up with an improvement plan. We work with our clients closely to ensure that their properties are listed with expectations of good results.


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