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Modern Living Room

our process

Step 1: Discovery Call/Chat

Our first step is a discovery consultation. We ask questions to learn about the scope and needs of your project, and to determine if we are the right Designer-Client fit. We discuss our process, what you can expect from us, the quality of our products and services, our pricing and agreement structure, and we answer any questions you may have. Should you choose to proceed, we will begin the client-designer journey by setting up a conceptual design consultation (up to 1.5 hours), which will take place on-site. There is a $175 conceptual consultation fee that is due at the time of booking. This fee will be credited into the total cost of design services if you choose to hire us, otherwise it is nonrefundable and serves as compensation for the consultation time.

Business Owner
A couple at a business meeting

Step 2: Conceptual Design Consultation

Prior to this consultation, we will send you a project questionnaire that will help us better prepare to meet with you. During this consultation we will discuss your ideals/preferences, budget/expense limits, we will view and exchange inspiration photos, discuss general direction and possibilities, take measurements and key notes of floorplan features, take necessary photos and videos of the space, discuss the overall scope of the project, and gather all relevant details to the project. You will presented with a final project quote after the conclusion of the consultation.

Step 3: Agreement & Planning

Once you approve the quote and its terms in writing, we will present you with a Contract for Design Services. The retainer fee is required to be paid upon signing the contract. Once received, we will begin working on your project and provide you with a target completion deadlines list. We reiterate the goals and notes from the conceptual consultation as we begin the visualization and space planning process. The overall method of operation from this step on is dependent on the of project and its goals.

Interior Designer at Work
Designer Comparing Samples

Step 4: Design & Project Management

We begin with a floorplan sketch to gather an ideal visual structure. We then create scaled 2D graphics, including front and side elevation sketches as necessary. We then work on the aesthetic appeal, including specific color, shapes, materials, etc. ideals that meet your aesthetic goals. We select finishes, materials, and FFE included in the project ideals. Once all details are obtained, we create 3D rendering images using the exact finishes and materials selected. We offer computer aided visuals to give our clients a realistic visual of their finished spaces in accordance with their design ideals. This consultation and rendering display will take place in our showroom, where you can sample and feel selections chosen for the project. Once you approve all details in writing, we are officially ready for installation. 

We vet, hire, and manage home improvement contractors for applicable construction and installation. We make necessary preparations for the smooth execution and completion of your project and stand as the single source of contact between all components necessary to achieve project goals. 

Step 5: Project Completion & Reveal

We've gotten all the pieces and assembled them correctly, installed all the fixtures properly, finished all painting and building/renovations, dotted every i and crossed every t. It is time for us to place all items in your space(s), organize them professionally, and turn it all over to you! This is an exciting day for you and us both because we love the look on our clients' faces when they see their vision in real life in their very own space(s). We look forward to bringing your vision to life too!

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